Deer Hunting 103: Difference between a doe, buck and a spike. What's legal to shoot?

Doe's do not have antlers (well sometimes they do? More explaination later)! A buck has antlers. A spike is a buck but has antlers with one point on both sides or could have several points on one side only!! This hat rack was made from 2 seperate spikes.
A legal buck these days must have a minimum 13 inch spread at the widest point from the inside. Or for us Texans if the ears are outside the antlers DO NOT SHOOT! (According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, a deer with his ears at alert are 13 inches so if your antlers are outside of that you are legal) Spikes are exempt for this (go figure!). If all else fails Johnny will tell me which one to shoot! Which he probably will anyway, even though I know this information! Now Exotics do not go by these rules (this will be in a later session). I don't care too much about the antlers since I can't cook them and serve them up for Johnny's dinner, but he does make them look good on the wall!

These are classified as does because they don't have antlers. But if you look close at the deer closest to the camera you can see the 2 bumps where antlers would be. We call this a button buck but he would be tagged as a doe if he was taken.

I was going to put up the picture of a nice shoulder mounted deer that Johnny shot a few years ago but this picture came up on the game camera. THIS IS A NO SHOOTER!!! Unless he is a cagey one and managed to get some "Ear Extensions"! He seems to have a nice size body and is an 8 pt but his ears extend past the antlers so he is NOT LEGAL!
No Shooter

Just to show you the difference here is that nice shoulder mount I mentioned above. This one is a "Good Shooter"!
Good Shooter

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