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Welcome, we have updated info but for some reason my website isn't allowing me to add new pictures. If you have any comments or questions you can click on contact us or find us on Facebook.

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Johnny got this big boy, scale says 50 lbs!

Big coyote 2013

We had the opportunity to add to a donation made by Ted Nugent. Ted donated a Axis buck skull that is painted black with his autograph in silver and an autographed guitar all to benefit West, TX. We have mounted the skull to one of our cedar plaques.

Ted's Axis for West benefitTed Nugent's Axis for West benefit

We were invited by Bill Dudark owner of Thunderhead Trophy Bucks at Wilyn Ranch to participate in a Wounded Warrior Event. We were able to do a mount for one of our soldiers that had won a hunt at Bill's place. We presented the mount at the event. Click here to see pics and video.

Buck n Stars stained glass

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